uncurl is an iPad app that is best for rapid scanning, reading and saving of links ("url"s)/articles in your Twitter timeline. uncurl displays an attractive panel of links which allows you to rapidly go to the most relevant article.

Uniquely, uncurl lets you snap and access the story in your own iPad/iBooks application. This allows you to keep important stories or articles at hand.
No account, password or Internet connectivity needed to access saved pages.
Unique features such as Twitter History and Statistics let you easily keep, search and understand your Twitter reading pattern.

  • Interface lets you see more links in a single screen
  • Snapshot feature for saving linked webpages to iBooks
  • Twitter history feature lets you see all tweets in your timeline
  • Search your Twitter history for a keyword
  • Statistics feature gives you a wealth of information about your Twitter timeline
  • Pull to refresh feature lets you pull in the latest tweets